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HIV Case Management

Continuous Care for everyone, regardless of your insurance or financial situation.

The Brevard County Health Department is a wonderful resource for all things medical, even HIV. However, it is not the only option for those without insurance or financial stability. Your privacy is important and that is exactly what we started Curative Care Clinic. We make scheduled appointments where you will find an almost empty waiting room in which you will briefly wait for one of our many private rooms in the office. When you need regular antiretroviral treatments, it is a lifelong relationship. We are here to be your HIV private physician office with the financial assistance benefits of the Health Department. We even have an in house pharmacy!

Our case management assists in the planning, coordination, monitoring, and evaluation of medical services for a patient with emphasis on quality of care, continuity of services, and cost-effectiveness. We coordinate appointments in order to making sure patients get to and from the office with any assistance they might need. We can even help with outside assistance not related to health, for example someone needs assistance with food or getting an electric or water bill paid. NOTE: Financial forms are evaluated case by case, in regards to outside of health services.

Appointments & Transportation Services

You may qualify for Uber Health, the most private and convenient office appointment transportation available on the market.


If you are in need of office visit transportation, you may qualify for Uber Health. If you are interested, Download Patient Forms. It is not hard to get in soon! We can make an appointment usually within one week and a lot of times within days.

If you are enrolled with our program for HIV antiretroviral treatments, you can come in for primary care doctor visits as well. For example, if you need to be seen for a cold, flu, stomach virus, etc. you can call and make an appointment separate from your treatments. If you are interested in seeing us for all your HIV, Hepatitis C and Primary Care needs we will need the medical records from your current primary physician. Once we get your records we can again, usually set your first appointment within a week!

HIV Counseling

Private office appointments in a quiet office building.

Anyone who is HIV positive qualifies for the Curative Care Center financial assistance program and you do not have to be enrolled in the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program. We can take care of everything here, including ongoing counseling in a private office setting. It is important to feel comfortable when talking about your survivor journey and we want to offer that to our patients.

Our program offers so many benefits and to top it off, you will see the same private physician with over 30 years experience with HIV patient care. You will not bounce to a different doctor every visit because lifelong relationships are important when it comes to HIV.

Clinic Hours:

Titusville Office

Monday – Thursday9:00am – 5:00pm

Titusville office is Closed Fridays

Rockledge Office

Monday – Friday9:00am – 5:00pm

Your treatment plan is designed for steady progress, with every phase promptly implemented.